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Tag: Sustenance

A special prayer for sustenance

A special prayer for sustenance for sustenance by Rabbi Yeshaiah Halevi Horovitz (The Holy השל”ה Hashla). It is recommended to read this pray on the day before Rosh Chodesh Nisan. Nisan begins the...

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Rosh Hashanah meditation. Make your wish

On Rosh Hashanah we are judged and the heavenly court ‘discusses’ our case and decides on the Tikun process that we will go through in the coming year. It is the only opportunity during the year when we have a good chance to change what was already determined before we were born. This is the aspect of “בני חיי ומזוני”, “children, life and sustenance”.
The Holy Ari reveals to us that during the silent prayer, when we are at the higher spiritual point of the Kedusha and specifically at the word איה pronounced(“Ayeh”) we have a moment to inject personal wish of one of three types. Sustenance (Money), Life (Health) and Holy Spirit (clinging to YHVH)

How and what should we ask for?

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It is a very lucky day

Tonight, November 15, 2010, begins the 9th of Kislev, which ends tomorrow November 16, 2010 at sundown.

According to Kabbalah, this is the day that is at the level of Yessod of Yessod. People that were born in the first half of Kislev (Sagitarius) considered to be very lucky and successful in life. Especially if they born on the ninth day of the month.

The ninth hour begins at 2:20 am EST (New York), 2:25 am Tel Aviv time (calculated using Hebrew calendar system). The ninth minute is at 2:29am EST, 2:35 am Tel Aviv.

I hope I didn’t make a mistake in the calculation but in general it is a great day to connect to Joseph that is the chariot to the Sefira of Yessod, meditate on sustenance and share to activate the personal channel of Yessod to maximize your potential.

Read my article from last year about this day Last year the 9th of Kislev was in the frame of the Jubilee year. The article includes a meditation suggestion.

Good Luck and blessings of success to all.

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