This section from the writings of the Holy Ari if good to read/scan before doing the Kapparot. It will connect us to the inner spiritual purpose and consciousness.


Translation of the upper Hebrew section from the writings of the Ari, Gate of Yom Kippur as it was written by his student, Rabbi Chaim Vital.
The practice of my teacher was to slaughter a white rooster, on the eve of Yom Kippur in the early hours of the morning after Selichot, (prayers that support spiritual cleansing). He used to get chickens for his household, a male (rooster) for a male and female (Hen) for a female. If the woman is pregnant he will get one for her and two for the baby one male and one female. For a male a rooster as it called גבר, man (pronounced ‘Gever’). It is the secret of the Gevurot of Yessod that is called גבר. It is also the secret of Nukva (female) and is the ninth day, which is against the Yessod. We slaughter the chicken to sweeten the Gevurot of Yessod in it and subdued them. On Yom Kippur, the Gevurot are of Malchut and it include harsh judgments. Against them is the scapegoat that was sent out (by the high priest on Yom Kippur). The chicken is like the scapegoat, but he is sweetened more in the early morning hour, a time when mercy (energy of) increases in the world.