Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -56.

Rabbi Shimon opened and said “In the beginning God created…”. The connected ones will shine like the radiation of heavens.
The connected are the letters, which are the dress of the Torah, which is Zeir Anpin.
The letters are decorated with the color shades of fire. The four colors include white, red, green and black. All the colors appears on the skin of person that is in the Garden of Eden. The heavens above the Garden of Eden also formed and decorated with those letters of Zeir Anpin, because with them he was created.

Will shine, those are the dots that shine inside the letters. In them, meaning the dots, shine the stars in the heavens of the Garden of Eden and all of them, the dots and the stars shine in the eyes of the body in the Garden of Eden.

Radiation of heavens, are the Torah cantilation that determine the essence of the letters and the dots.
The radiation is the Neshama that moves the letters and the dots that shine in the face and the eyes of that body in the Garden of Eden and Nefesh is the body of the letters and partner with the body. Ruach is the dots that shine in the eyes.

Zeir Anpin is called Torah and he receives essence of Light and clothing from Binah. The letters of the Torah are the clothing of that light energy. The white part of the Torah parchment is the white fire and the letters are the black fire.

Zeir Anpin also called man and his body divides to five aspects, which are: Keter, Chokmah, Binah, Tiferet and Malchut, and they are skin, flesh, ligaments, bones and light energy.
They are dressed with five lights: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chaya and Yechida. They are also against five aspects in the Torah: Cantilation, dots, letters and their roots.
We find that the letters of the Torah and the skin of man are in the same aspect. That is why the Zohar says that the skin is decorated with the letters of the Torah.
When Adam was in the Garden of Eden he merited to be the chariot for Zeir Anpin of Atzilut.

מקור הקטע: הקדמת תיקוני הזוהר עם פרוש מעלות הסולם (רבי יהודה צבי ברנדויין זל) פסקה 271