Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -80.

The Sefirot are called by names to signify defined light and they are represented in the body in this order;
Chessed – Right arm – Right column – the energy to do good and share
Gevurah – Left arm – left column – the energy of desire to receive and judgment
Tiferet – torso – central column – the energy to balance the right and left. Mercy
Netzach and Hod – Both legs – continuing the energy of the Sefira above them. Right leg continues the energy of Chessed and the left leg continues Gevurah

Yessod – The sex organ and the bottom of the body. It connects all the above to one that is the mark of the covenant, which is the power to channel light from the upper to the lower and create life.

Malchut – doesn’t represent light energy directly but as expression of the light from above. The feet when moved and the mouth when speak are Malchut.
The Oral Torah is also called Malchut because it comes out from the mouth and reveals the energy of the concealed.

After the description to the 7 lower sefirot Elijah describe the top three.

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