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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1022

Tikkun 3 – 7

The soul level of Neshamah resides in the brain, Ruach in the lungs and Nefesh in the blood system, controlled by the heart.

The wings of the lungs blow air on the fire of the heart and keep the flame of the candle alive. When the candle, נר receives the Holy Spirit through the lungs they sustain the life force and light in the body. If the lungs bring in impure spirits, the candle נר becomes נורא, meaning ‘terrible’ and ‘frightful’. In that state it burns and destroys and the person corrupts his soul and spiritual connection.

A righteous person receives messages delivered by angels in his dreams. Impure people get confused by messages and visions that are ‘pushed’ on them by negative spiritual entities and demons.

Most of our dreams are filled with false content that have no value. True messages and guidance come in dreams when we are well connected and our body is restful when we go to sleep.

Most people receive messages in their dreams but this is not true for everyone. Some people get messages through other people, some through events in their lives and some get the messages when they connect spiritually.