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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1060
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 7 -1

“בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אלהי”ם””In the beginning God Created…”. The Zohar teaches us that the first three words of the Torah reveal the foundation of Creation that is Father, Mother and son.

The first letter ב is for the mother, that is Binah. The rest of the word, ראשית, means ‘beginning’ is for Chokmah (ראשית חוכמה), that is the Father.

The second word, בָּרָא, is with the meaning of בְּרָא that is the son, who is Zeir Anpin.

The third word אלהי’‘ם is for the ‘daughter’, Malchut.

Psalms 111:10
“ רֵאשִׁית חָכְמָה, יִרְאַת יְהוָה”
“The fear (Awe) of YHVH is the beginning (רֵאשִׁית) of wisdom (Chokmah, חָכְמָה)”

Leviticus 19:3
“אִישׁ אִמּוֹ וְאָבִיו תִּירָאוּ”, “Ye shall fear every man his mother, and his father,…”

The Zohar explains that we should have fear and awe to our parents. The Father is the aspect of the Holy one, Bless be He and the mother is the aspect of the Shechina.

Our life in the world of Malchut came to be because of our parents. They represent the spiritual levels of Chokmah and Binah that is the upper Shechina. They sustain the continuous flow of life force to this world.

For some people it is hard to respect abusive parents or ones that are known to be not so good in one way or another. The answer to this dilemma is simple. One should look at his parents as unique connectors to a divine network.

If we disconnect from the network, we are like individual units without homes. When we respect them, it is like ’pluging in’ ourselves and making a strong connection to the network. When we treat our parents with awe that comes from the understanding that no matter what kind of damage they inflicted on you, God chose them to give us life and a unique path in the global Tikkun process. Only then we can benefit from a flow of light that comes from the higher levels of Chokmah and Binah into our lives.

This is the reason why this spiritual law is listed as the fifth commandment.

Exodus 20:12
“ כַּבֵּד אֶת-אָבִיךָ, וְאֶת-אִמֶּךָ–לְמַעַן, יַאֲרִכוּן יָמֶיךָ, עַל הָאֲדָמָה, אֲשֶׁר-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ נֹתֵן לָךְ.”
“Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which YHVH thy God giveth thee”

The days is the aspect of Light, ‘long days’ meaning light from the upper three sefirot that are considered long. ‘Upon the Land’ is the aspect of life in this world.

Here, Rabbi Shimon is telling us that following this commandment is the aspect of honoring YHVH and it helps the Shechina in her exile to rise up. Those who do that will benefit from the light as it says in 1 Samuel 2:30 “לָכֵן, נְאֻם-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, אָמוֹר אָמַרְתִּי, בֵּיתְךָ וּבֵית אָבִיךָ יִתְהַלְּכוּ לְפָנַי עַד-עוֹלָם; וְעַתָּה נְאֻם-יְהוָה חָלִילָה לִּי, כִּי-מְכַבְּדַי אֲכַבֵּד וּבֹזַי יֵקָלּוּ”

“Therefore YHVH, the God of Israel, declares: ‘I promised that your house and your father’s house would minister before me forever.’ But now YHVH declares: ‘Far be it from me! Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.”

Next time you visit your parents, look at them and remember that God chose them to be the seed and the womb to carry you into this life. Even if your life is not ‘blessed’ with comfort and pleasures, this is YOUR life and they were just chosen channels that you should respect as messengers of the all mighty king.

If one or both of your parents are no longer alive, then you probably did something good in your life to merit connection to the Zohar and this teaching. Use the Zohar as a tool to meditate and send light to benefit their souls wherever they are because the spiritual connection will always be there.