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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1068
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 10 – 3

The revelations of the Zohar that we studied from DZ 1065 were revealed to Rabbi Shimon by an entity called ‘נער’ ‘the young boy’. Commentators explain that it was the angel Metatron.

In this section, a voice from heavens calls the angel to return back to his duties in dealing with spiritual connections of all people. At that second, the angel disappeared.

Rabbi Shimon said that he (the angel Metatron) is the one that the sages of the Talmud referred to when they said “A baby nursing from the breast of his mother leading ships on water”. The nursing baby is Metatron that receives the light from the mother, that is Binah. The ships are the aspect of the righteous students sailing (studying) the ‘water’ of the Torah. The angel helps them with their study (as he helped Rabbi Shimon).

The waves of the sea are the aspect of negative side that bring hardship and division during the study to block the knowledge from being revealed, because it will kill them. They create separation between the students and the study and when it grows, it creates higher waves that could sink the ‘ship’.

The angel came back in support of Rabbi Shimon’s teaching and told him to continue revealing the secrets of the Torah because his mouth is Mount Sinai that is the place the Torah was given to the people. “Every sound and vapor that come out of your mouth is the Holy Torah” said the angel and it is the aspect of (Exodus 20:18) “וְכָל הָעָם רֹאִים אֶת הַקּוֹלֹת וְאֶת הַלַּפִּידִים” “and all the people see the sounds and the flashes of lightning”. Everyone above and below listens to your words. Above are the sixty thousands souls in the supernal study group of the Holy one Bless be He. Below are sixty thousands in the group of the Angel Metatron.

The angel testifies that Rabbi Shimon is like his Creator and the Creatures of the Holy throne listen to his words because he makes big correction (support) for the Shechina when he reveals the secrets of the Torah.

The archangel Metatron is the one on the gate between the world of Tikkun and the source of all nourishments that is Chokmah and Binah. He tells us that studying and listening to Rabbi Shimon is like being on Mount Sinai, receiving the Torah.

Our daily study of the Zohar links us directly to Mount Sinai and the revelation of the Torah.