Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -132.

Tikkun #10 – continue

The Torah in Genesis 1 shows a small Heh ה in the word בהבראם and the Zohar explains that it is there for the face of man. It is alsothe last Heh of the YHVH name. It is the Malchut level where everything exists for man.

The face reveals the inner energy of the people. The letter H ה represents the whole purpose of creation. This is where Awe, love, Torah and Precepts come to be. ה is the last letter of the name YHVH and for us it is the extension of the creator and creative force in Malchut.

The Malchut level is in our physical existence. The Torah came to us as a guide from God on how to work the system. There are 613 precepts and 248 of them instruct us of what to do. They are related to the 248 parts of body and soul. The other 365 precepts tell us what to avoid form doing to we can stay with in the pure system.
All the precepts are there for us to enable us to connect the lower ה H to the upper levels of the name.

Studying Torah and follow the precepts without Awe and love to the holy one, will not draw light from above. The Torah is our connection to the precepts that connect us to Zeir Anpin and the letterו of the name. With the Torah as a bridge we connect the lower ה to יה that are Awe, Chokmah and Love, Binah.
Only unification of upper and lower can draw light, otherwise the work is wasted.

All the prayers and the tools are for the purpose to come closer to the light. They create affinity.
Robots doesn’t have soul and therefore even of they can do good things better than man, they can never have affinity with them.
The soul is the part that can connect and have affinity with the light of the creator. Use Awe and Love to activate the connection to the supernal with every action you do. That is the purpose of creation