Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -137.

Tikkun #11 – Continue

ברא שית – בראשית, meaning created six palaces. Palaces is היכלות in plural and היכל, in singular and it has the letters of הכלי, meaning the vessel.
Supernal Mother, Binah, the seventh palace brought out six palaces. Each palace includes 7 Sefirot and so in every palace there is a palace, which is Malchut to every Sefira.

Like Binah, Malchut, which is the lower mother also brought out six that are the sky and earth. The supernal palace includes the upper three Sefirot and Yessod, which is the palace of the Sapphire stone.
Those are the six vessels that on them it said “in six days God created the heavens and the earth”.
The seventh day, Shabbat that is Malchut is taking the light from the upper three and completes the six days of creation.

Shabbat is more important than the rest of the weekdays because only in Shabbat the upper lights are revealed and spread to the rest of the week.

After the destruction of the Holy Temple and the beginning of the final exile that we are currently experiencing, all the gates of prayers, meaning that the Malchut of the Malchut of all the palaces are locked.

The Shechinah, which is Malchut is out of her palace and the Holy one bless be He, Zeir Anpin, is also out of his palace. The angles appointed to carry the prayers are also outside their palaces and there is no place for the prayers to come in.

But the gates of tears were not locked because those gates can be opened by the one with the tears.
The secret is Exodus 2:6 “and she opened it and saw the child and the child is crying and she had compassion on him…” and Jeremiah 31:8 about coming out of exile; “they will come back with weeping…”
The secret of the tears is in the spiritual level. When Malchut is elevated to Binah, the unification is made in the holes of the eyes.

The desire of Malchut is touching Chokmah when its great desire goes beyond the level of Binah. That extra connection activates the level of Chokmah and produces the tears.

Water was in existence at the starting point of creation. It is the highest level of physicality and we can easily change its spiritual energy with simple meditation.

The tears open the supernal gate by the TRUE desire of Malchut. It is important to know that there must be true desire because it is the “elevator” to Binah. Truth gives the ability to touch Chokmah. Cutting onion while praying will not help.
Crying out of need won’t help, unless your desire is true and for the sake of others.

A person should have pure soul, clean consciousness and unselfish desires before they can pray and get answered. That is why it said “A righteous ask and God fulfill”.