Daily Zohar - 4

Happy are those that study Torah. When it said (Psalms 84:4) “also a bird found home”, that is a house that Torah verses are coming out of it. It is the central column. A house that doesn’t have Torah in it, destines to be destroyed. Those with the Torah in them, are called sons, eggs, chicks, eggs are this with the reading, chicks are the ones with the deeper study, sons are those are those that follow Kabbalah, the the inner secrets.
The Torah carries the Light force of the Creator, like the soul holds the body. Without it the body will fall. The eggs are lower level because the life not yet came out of it; it is under the shell but with potential. Chicks are next level of Torah study and it has life like the chick out of the shell. Sons are the Kabbalah students and they are higher because they are connected to their father so they can be called sons.
The house is our vessel and the light in it is reflected based on the level of study or connection is done with the Torah, which is the force of creation, the light that sustains all.

When it said (Deuteronomy 22:6) “and the mother lay on the chicks or on the eggs”, you shall send away from her. But for the student of Kabbalah, “You shall not take the mother from the sons”

Mother is Binah and eggs (Malchut), chicks and sons are different connections as described above.  When the vessel is filled with the knowledge of Kabbalah the energy of Binah dwell within it and can’t be separated.
The Zohar is a higher study and a connection to Binah and above and therefore sustains the vessel. That is why it said on the Zohar that it is Noah’s Ark for the final generation.

Zion Nefesh

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