Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -152.

Tikkun #13 continue

The seventh type of Psalms is למנצח with the root of word נצח. The meaning is of Winning and of eternity.
In Psalms 12 it said למנצח על השמינית, “for the winner over the eighth”. Here the reference is to the Sefirah of Netzach, which is above the eight sefira which is Hod.
Netzach and Hod in the physical body are related to the right and left legs. Spiritually they are the base of the vessel and with that they complete the vessel and give it movement.
The Eighth is the most important step in building the vessel and also in connecting to the upper three Sefirot Binah (the Eighth), Chokmah and Keter to draw light.

Circumcision is done on the eighth day when the child’s vessel is completed and then we can remove the negativity attached to the ninth, which is Yessod and allow the flow of light to Malchut.

Hod has the meaning of giving thanks and appreciation and when it is done we complete the vessel related to any benefit that we received and could hold the light that comes from it.
What ever we receive is in unearned state until we “pay” for it. Sometime it is better to give full pay to be able to enjoy all the potential light.

A lesson is not learned until it is earned.

I take this as the opportunity to thank you for reading and scanning the Daily Zohar. With Love and Blessings, Zion