Daily Zohar - 2
Daily Zohar #2

Like the radiation of Light from heavens, which include all colors. A special light, hidden and concealed. Light that is bright in heavens. Light so bright that emanates sparks and bright as lightning to the eyes. Light that shines in white color as a full moon. Bright light that shines in red like Mars, Including a light, green as the sun. Green as Mercury, Light that includes white and red. Light the radiate in every direction like when a hammer hit and throws sparks in all directions.

This section comes to explain all the levels of light that will be revealed by the people that deal with the Zohar. In the world of judgment, we must draw light of mercy, Chassadim, to sustain the worlds. This job started by Rabbi Shimon and his writing for us to use and continue the light needed to remove the darkness in the final exile.

From this radiation of light, coming out from some souls that shines for the repair of Rakia of heaven. Those souls are from the educated ones with the knowledge to reveal the secrets of their master.

Those souls are like the stars in heavens and shine like them. What is this heaven? (And answer) the heaven that the souls of those educated ones (that understand the spiritual system) shine and also bring light to the throne (the origin of the light to this world). And all of them fly from the heavens, and that’s is the righteous, living (and enlighten) (for) the worlds, from him comes out the souls of the righteous and shine like moon (returning light)

Zion Nefesh