Daily Zohar - 3

And from this (Isaiah 60:21) “and your nation are all righteous and will inherit the earth”, The earth that was said about her (Isaiah 66:1) “and the earth is like rest for my feet”
This refers to the Shechina, that includes Ten Sefirot and from that Israelites are called kings, righteous, seers, prophets, masters of Torah, heroes, kind hearted, knowledgeable, wise, leaders of the people. These are ten attributes to the Isarelites for their connection to the Shechina. Because the Shechina is parallel to Zeir Anpin on our Malchut level, the Israelites reflects the upper dimensions.
The permission is given to those souls of the righteous that is always with The Holy One Bless be He and the Shechina to dwell in your (Rabbi Shimon) writing of the Zohar.

It said (Proverb 27:10) Like a bird wonders from her nest so is the man wonders from his place, and the bird refers to the Shechina that sent away from her place and for that it said (Deuteronomy 22:7) You  shall send the mother and take the sons for you. That include the Shechina of the lower level. The mother is the upper level Shechina. In Isaiah 3:1 we read “because of your sins, your mother was sent away. And for that “you shall send away” twice, one for the first Holy Temple and one for the Second Holy temple, in order to make true to the verse “I am YHVH and my name and honor won’t be given to another. “I wont give” that is Shechina below and “my glory” that is the upper Shechina. So the Holy One Bless be He wonders from his place, which is the Holy Temple. When it said YHVH is a man of war, it is for the need to wonder because of the sins of the Israelites.

The secret that is revealed here is about the spirituel system. All that exists is in oneness with God. There is a cause and effect system in existence.That affects all the worlds. YHVH wonders from its place, which is the Holy Temple with the Shechina.

This part the Zohar is specifically described as a tool to maintain the unification of the YHVH ???? and Shechina ADNY ????. The Tikunei Zohar replace the missing Holy Temple and the work of the high priest. The righteous that study and taught the Zohar throughout the generations  kept the Unification of the Light, upper, and the vessel, lower, the Shechina to hold the presence of the Light in our world through the Zohar writings, especially the Tikunei Zohar.

Also Moshe is a men that wonders  from his place and his souls wonders behind the Holy One Bless be He and the Shechina.
Moshe as the finest of creation corrected the sin of Adam, an act that no righteous man ever did.  Know that Malchut is the “?” of Moshe, ??? and the secret of the fiftieth gate that is  called a “path that was not known to the hawk.”
Also a righteous person leave his place to follow the Shechina, as it said (genesis 8:9) “and the dove couldn’t find rest”.we know that the houses of the righteous decreed to be destroyed when the Holy Temple was. Everyone of them got out of their place like the slave wish to be like his master. The secret of the word “go out of his place” for the bread and bread is the words of Torah. The slave follows the bread, his master, the Torah.
The master go out of their place to follow the Torah, the Light that guide them.