Daily Zohar 2325
Daily Zohar 2325
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2325
Hebrew translation:

37. כְּשֶׁבָּא רַבִּי אַבָּא, אָמַר, לֹא לִדְרָשָׁה בָּאתִי, חֲשֹׁב סוֹד הַדָּבָר (שם ל) יֹסֵף ה’ לִי בֵּן אַחֵר, כְּפִי שֶׁפֵּרַשְׁנוּ לְעֵיל. הֲרֵי שְׁמוֹ הַקָּדוֹשׁ בְּיוֹסֵף, יה”ו יֹאמַר, הֲרֵי אָבִיךָ רִבּוֹן הָעוֹלָם שֶׁבָּא לַעֲשׂוֹת טוֹב לְבָנָיו שֶׁיֵּצְאוּ מֵהַגָּלוּת שֶׁלָּהֶם, וְאִם אֵינְךָ רוֹצֶה בַּאֲמִתְּךָ, הָרִבּוּעַ ידו”ד אֶחָד יַעֲשֶׂה אוֹתְךָ, וְיוֹדְעִים שֶׁתָּשׁוּב הַמַּלְכָּה לִמְקוֹמָהּ.
38. שֶׁאֲבוֹתֵינוּ הֵם מֶרְכָּבוֹת שֶׁלְּמַעְלָה, וַיַּעַל אֱלֹהִים מֵעַל אַבְרָהָם, הָאָבוֹת שׁוֹקֵי הָעוֹלָם, (מיכה ז) תִּתֵּן אֱמֶת לְיַעֲקֹב חֶסֶד לְאַבְרָהָם. שָׁנִינוּ שֶׁיָּבֹא הַמָּשִׁיחַ.
39. רַבִּי יוֹסֵי פָּתַח וְאָמַר, (זכריה יד) וְהָיָה יוֹם אֶחָד הוּא יִוָּדַע לַה’ לֹא יוֹם וְלֹא לַיְלָה וְהָיָה לְעֵת עֶרֶב יִהְיֶה אוֹר. רוֹצֶה לוֹמַר, שְׁנֵי מִקְרִים רָעִים שֶׁבָּאוּ לְבָנָיו לִהְיוֹת בַּגָּלוּת בְּאֶרֶץ שׂוֹנְאֵיהֶם, וְלֹא יִסְתַּכֵּל בָּהֶם כַּמָּה שָׁנִים רַבּוֹת עַל חֲטָאֵיהֶם בֶּאֱמֶת, כֵּן יִזְנַח אוֹתָם בְּאֶרֶץ שׂוֹנְאֵיהֶם, וְיִשָּׂא בָנָיו שֶׁאֵרְעוּ לָהֶם הָרָעוֹת הַלָּלוּ, וְיַנְהִיגֵם לְאֶרֶץ טוֹבָה כְּפֵרוּשׁ הַכָּתוּב.

Zohar Vayechi
The patriarchs are chariots (vehicles) for the holy name YHVH. Abraham is Chessed and the Right Column, Isaac is Gevurah and the Left column, Jacob is Tiferet and the Central column
Micah 7:20
“ תִּתֵּן אֱמֶת לְיַעֲקֹב, חֶסֶד לְאַבְרָהָם, אֲשֶׁר נִשְׁבַּעְתָּ לַאֲבֹתֵינוּ, מִימֵי קֶדֶם”
“You will give truth (אמת) to Jacob And unchanging love (Chessed) to Abraham, Which You swore to our forefathers From the days of old.”
The Zohar reveals that this verse tells about the the time of Mashiach’s arrival.
The word ‘Truth’, ‘אמת’ represents the Central column that connects all the levels of the Tree of Life. א connects Keter, מ is the middle letter of the Alef-Bet and constructed from כ and ו that equals to 26 and the aspect of Zeir Anpin (6 sefirot from Chessed to Yessod), ת is the last letter and represents Malchut.
Genesis 48:1
“וַיֹּאמר לְיוֹסֵף, הִנֵּה אָבִיךָ חֹלֶה”.
Joseph was told, “Behold, your father is sick.””
Before Jacob people were dying in full health. The sages tell us that Jacob asked to become sick before he dies so he can have time to bless his children.
Until The Final Redemption the Central column that is Jacob is in the aspect of ‘sick’. We must draw light to the world and sustain it. Without the work of the study and following the Torah (Zohar teaching), the world would have been a very dark place or crash to non-existance. The spiritual work of the generations/reincarnations add ‘healing’ to the Central column by correcting/elevating 288 broken lights from the whole of 320. When we complete that correction we pave the path for the upper light of Keter to come down to the world with the Mashiach as a chariot of Keter. Mashiach will represents the complete Light of YHVH and will correct the last 32 sparks of Light, which is the 10% or Malchut. The 32 plus 288 will make a complete correction of the 320 lights and the full revelation of Light will occur and the Resurrection will begin.
Zecharia 14:7
“וְהָיָה יוֹם-אֶחָד, הוּא יִוָּדַע לַיהוָה–לֹא-יוֹם וְלֹא-לָיְלָה; וְהָיָה לְעֵת-עֶרֶב, יִהְיֶה-אוֹר”
“For it will be a one day that YHVH will be known, neither day nor night, but it will come about that at evening time there will be light.”
This verse describe the day of completing the correction of Malchut, when the all the Light of YHVH appears in the world. The book Tanna Devei Eliyahu, attributed to Elijah the Prophet, explains that that day is the beginning of the world to come.
Jacob saw the future process of his children and to help them achieve the goal of earning the world to come, he worked hard to let his enemies, feel like winners in this world so he and his children come to the end of the earning process and inherit the perfect world that is full of light and immortality.