Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -246. Tikkun 19-22 Central column is Zeir Anpin and is the son BN בנ of YH יה. Same letters as בינה,Binah. The letters YH of the name YHVH got connected together and gave birth to a son, Vav, which is Zeir Anpin. The mother, Binah includes all three levels, which are the Father, Chokmah, י, the mother, Binah, ה and the son, Zeir Anpin, ו. The central column is represented by יהו, which is all the levels above. The Shechina below ה in the aspect of the last letter of YHVH includes all the letters from Alef to Tav because it manifests all that is above. A mother gives birth to a child that within it includes the soul imprints (reshimu) of the father, the mother and the son. In the world of Malchut, the mother receives the seed from the father, plants it inside and makes the child. She combines all into one that comes from the Yessod part of her body. A husband with a pregnant wife should keep ‘feeding’ his consciousness and light to the developing child. One good idea is to read Zohar together everyday. Mother is everything.