Daily Zohar -26

The meditation, which is the thought should precede the precept action. That is why the sages establish the rule that if a person didn’t meditate before a specific prayer he should go back to the top of the prayer.

With the Shechina in the aspect of Malchut we should start with awe before Torah or act of Mitzvah. From the aspect of the Holly One blessed be He, which is Zeir Anpin,  Torah precedes awe in all the precepts.

The four aspects Awe, Love, Torah and Mitzvah in the ten sefirot of Zeir Anpin יקוק make a complete dimension of the Light force and with the ten sefirot of Malchut אדני, make the circuit of direct and returning light.

This is the secret of Awe and Love, which is יה (Chokmah and Binah), “”the concealed”, the mind and heart should connect  before “the revealed”, וה (Zeir Anpin and Malchut) , become available for us to work and manifest.