Daily Zohar -27

The Endless, Bless be He, is the cause of everything, no other force above him and none below him. And not in any other direction. He fills all the worlds, all level of existence with inner light and surrounds them in all directions. That inner light does not spread beyond the defined borders of each individual. All by the will of the Endless, Bless be He.

The name אדני, is a chariot, a vehicle, to the name יקוק and reveals its light. Like a person using a power tool.

The name  יקוק is a chariot to the supernal Keter.

The Endless is concealed in Keter, crown,  which is the secret of the upper tip of the letter Yod י, and from the Keter, spread the Light of the Endless on the four letters of the name. י is Chokmah, First ה is Binah, ו is the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin and the lower letter ה is Malchut, which is the revelation of the direct light from above to below.