By the time Rabbi Shimon said that an old man came his way and asked, it is written: “And the sons you take for yourself…”. The old man said, it is inclusion, it doesn’t say “the sons, you will take” but “And the sons, which include the chicks and those sons that are in aspect of eggs.” but you can not take the ones that with the Kabbalah because their spiritual essence is of the higher mature level.

The old man told Rabbi Shimon “You are blessed, Holy Candle (Light). It is certainly so”
The sons are under the supernal mother with the essence of light from the supernal father and mother, which receives fro their lower seven Sefirot and for that they are Kind (level of Chessed), Heroes (Gevurah), Torah Scholars (Tiferet), Seers (Netzach), Prophets (Hid) and righteous (Yessod).
Kindness from the level of Abraham , that corrected the Shechina to be a vessel and a house for the light of Chessed in all five levels. And Zeir Anpin and the Shechina which is the light of Nefesh in the vessel of Keter. The light of Nefesh is the secret of the bird in the nest and wonders away from her place and merit to draw the light of Ruach into the vessel of Keter and the Nefesh move down to the vessel of Chokmah. Zeir Anpin is called then her house as it said “In Wisdom (Chokmah) a house will be built.

The Zohar teaching of the nest of the bird brought us a description of the connection to the light. Every level we are is a nest to the spiritual dimension and we can strengthen it with connection to the Mother (Binah) with the study of Kabbalah, which means dealing with the spiritual system and the ways it operates. There is only one spiritual system in the world but many many vessels. First connection to hold the light is through Chessed. This is done by acting with kindness to all beings. In other words, Human Dignity is the foundation.

Each particle in existence contains the consciousness of creation, the thought of creation and the energy of it. The Light of the creator is in everything around you, in every atom and even in whatever the scientists call “void”. Acting with kindness and dignity toward other particles around you creates unity with the Light of the creator.
This is your foundation and daily meditation to build the connection to the quantum (= God.  If you know that then you’ll know the secret of the Lulav shaking in Sukkot ).
Read this hundred times until you get tears in your eyes, then you know you are connected. Then you’ll understand what is real love. (and I am in tears writing this)

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