Daily Zohar -6

And so she (the Shechina) became angry on the wicked that satisfy himself with bread. It said “go and fight with my bread”, This one is called wicked because is is not sharing his wealth, he is not generous and is not from the seed of the patriarchs. It said “the generous people of the nations gathered”. Not sharing is the one who is poor in connection and not doing good to the people with the knowledge of Torah and support them. Torah without the good deeds is not connected to the Light of the creator.

The explanation is that if a person study Torah for other reason than to connect to the Light to help him grow and guide him to the righteous ways, his studies turn to poison him to a spiritual death.

The one that study Torah for its intended purpose of elevating spiritually and do good deeds of sharing, is enjoying connection to Wisdom (Chokmah),  as it said “Beginning of wisdom is awe of YHVH.

The wicked that connect to Torah without continuation is blocking the flow of the light through the Sefirot of Zeir Anpin


The student of Torah connect the central column (Tiferet) to the Shechina, Malchut, which is called night. Whoever study the Torah at night, the Holy One, Bless be He,  draw upon him a string of silver during the day.


Day and night are  Zeir Anpin and Malchut. Z”A is called day because it bring light to Chessed, and Malchut is called night, because of the judgments of Malchut. The study at mid night, is sweeten the judgment with the Light of Binah. This is done by the study of Torah, which is the central column. 

King David was rising before midnight to study Torah to support the Shechina. This is called the midnight correction. Tikkun Chatzot.


Seers and prophets are from the side of Netzach and Hod, which include the two names of God YHVH and ADNY and  they come together in Yessod as YAHDVNHY. It has eight letters as the number of books of Prophets. The section of twelve prophets considered as one. We add Netzach and Hod to get ten against the Ten Sefirot. The Prophet Ezekiel saw ten visions. Righteous are from the level of Yessod and on all of that it said, “You shall not take the mother from the sons.”


All the sefirot and the flow from Keter to Malchut depend on the Mother, which is Binah. She is at the gate between the worlds above and below. Like a real mother in our dimension, manifest potential seeds to become what they are suppose to be. Human mothers or non-human. The process is similar in all nature.

The essence of the verse above is that we must connect to the Mother to draw life and sustenance to the lower levels. This is also part of the explanation to the Commandment, Honor your father and mother.