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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -522.

Tikkun 24 – 1
בראשית, ‘in the Beginning’ has the same letters as ירא שבת, meaning ‘fear of Shabbat’.

On Shabbat we can connect to the upper level of Binah through Yessod, which is the connection of the ברית, covenant. Shabbat is the time when the Shechina is also elevated and is united with YHVH.

This allows the Shechina to give us protection during the week. If there is no connection then the lack of light could bring chaos on the individual and everyone else.

The connection should be through the Torah and Zohar, being the tools to reveal this light. We should separate the regular weekday activities from the day of Shabbat. Shabbat should be dedicated to connecting to the Light in all ways possible.

סקילה, meaning stoning, is a correction related to disconnection from the light of Shabbat. The word for stone is אבן that also means a letter. When there is a disconnection between the Y of the name, which represents the upper three Sefirot, and the lower seven Sefirot, it calls for death by stoning to correct this situation.

Scanning and reading the Zohar will help with that correction because it connects us to the upper three Sefirot of Keter Chokmah and Binah. The Zohar is full of of spiritual stones.

Death is the aspect of disconnection from the light and the ‘stoning’ brings the light back.