Daily Zohar -7

In addition to what we discussed previously, There are people that deal with the Torah for its purpose and follows the 613 options of connection. The 613 come from and connected to the Holy name YHVH. The intention is to connect Zeir Anpin with the Shechina, like a man united with his wife in all his essence and meditate to bring good children. Proper unification on a spiritual level and on a lower level bring higher level and good outcome.

On those who do NOT study Torah for its purpose, it said: “You shall send away the mother”. The 613 connections divided into 248 that direct us to positive action and 365 that reveal light by avoiding negativity. The positive elevates us and avoiding the negative increase the potential light.

248 like the number of body elements and 365 like the number of days in the year. This teaches us that every day we can encounter negativity while doing positive actions increase our inner light and gives us the strength to overcome negativity.

On those that keep the Shabbat, it said: “You shall not take the mother from the sons”.

Chokmah and Binah are called Mother and Father and in Shabbat Zeir Anpin and Malchut elevate to their place, and the sons that are righteous follow them. When the lower go up to the upper level they become like them.

When they keep the connection of Shabbat by not acting the same way as during the six days of the week, they are honoring Father and Mother.

There are three worlds to connect, two for honoring Father and Mother and one for the Torah, that is Zeir Anpin, which include two upper worlds in the secret of the יה YH from the Holy name (Keter (top of the Yod י), Chokmah (Yod י), Binah (He ה)). This is from the verses “Because it is your life and the length of your days”. Your life is in this world, the lower garden and length of your days is the world to come. This life is one level, which is before completing the correction.

The matter is that at the time of the breaking of the vessels, eight kings came out, Da’at, Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yessod, Malchut. Each of them carried the aspects of Chokmah and Binah, Tiferet (Z”A) and Malchut. And all included all of them so four aspects times eight is thirty-two. Each has ten Sefirot and a total of three hundred and twenty for the process of the Tikkun. During the Tikkun process, only 9 levels were corrected, which is 288 and the tenth level with 32 lights will be corrected at the final Tikkun in the secret of “And I will remove the heart of stone from your midst”. Heart in Gematria equal 32. The Torah is the guide and the tool to help correct the last 32 lights. The hint to that is the fact the Torah begins with the letter Bet ב of בראשית and end with ל of ישראל numerical value is 32. In the act of creation, the name אלקים appears 32 times.

The Zohar reveals the secrets of the Torah in concealment, which brings the inner light of the Torah to our surrounding light. This Light is the power that can correct the final 32 lights if more people will connect to the Zohar. As the Zohar promise with the words of Moses, “By the merit of the Zohar, we will go out of Exile”. The Exile is living in Malchut. Going out of exile is revealing the lost Light of Malchut to connect to all the upper levels. The Daily Zohar intention is to increase the light of every person by reading or scanning the Holy Zohar text.