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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -949
Hebrew translation:

Sorry Hebrew translation is missing from my original files.


Tikkun 70 – 54

Looking around the eyes, we may see long lines or dots. Dot represents the aspect of negative attributes, white dots represent deceiving and not trustable person like Laban the Aramean.
Green dots are the Bile that collects negative elements from the physical body. Such a person is reactive and quick to get angry.

Red dots on a person that can easily spill others blood.

Black dots represent strong and negative desires for the self, a thief that will take whatever he can take from others. Black includes all the other colors so this person is capable of all kind of negativity.

People with deep set eyes have deep thoughts that we can not read or predict. If the person is positive then he could have deep wisdom that we can not understand.

If it is a negative person then his eyes tell us that he has a lot of evil thoughts. He is like a ‘black hole’ and the Zohat explains it to be as an ‘Open Grave’. They have evil eye and could bring death with their look. We should be careful and stay away from these kind of people.

Note and reminder: Please do not jump into judging people with deep eyes. Some of them may look like bad people but they could conceal a great, wise person. It is rare but if we make a judgment mistake then it could hurt us.