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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -956
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 61

The mouth is the vessel and channel for our words and is part of the manifestation process.

Our heart is the vessel and channel for our thoughts and determines the final outcome of our actions. When one speaks positively but his heart has negative thoughts, then he has the aspect of Tree of Knowledge Good (mouth) and Bad (heart). One that speaks the positive truth that comes from his heart, connects to the Tree of Life.

Evil person that speaks the true evil of his heart is strongly connected to the negative system.

Telling lies is going against the system, connects to the aspect of the first sin that mixed the good with the bad. The seeds that the Snake injected in Eve got mixed with the pure seeds of Adam.

The Zohar explains this situation with the example of pure silver (Seeds of Adam) that got mixed with lead (Seeds of the Snake). Abraham was the first to make correction when he was thrown into the fire by Nimrod and came out alive. It was the process to purify the seeds. His first son was Ishmael that has the aspect of Chessed with impurity. The second son, Isaac carried less impurity in the aspect of Gevurah and brought Esau to life. When Jacob came, the impurity of the seeds was gone and he was able connect back to the Tree of Life in balance and bring the 12 tribes that represent the 12 borders of the Sefirot that are the roots of their souls.

Zeir Anpin (Z”A) has 6 Sefirot; Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yessod. They represent our world and three dimensions as a cube shape. Directions of South, North, East, Up, Down, West (Sukkot, directions of Lulav Shaking to connect to Zeir Anpin…) In this Cube of 6 sides there are 12 borders. (also 6 * 12 = 72).
Because Jacob merited to be the chariot of the central column that is Z”A. From him came out the 12 tribes that each has its soul rooted in the spiritual level of Z”A.

Genesis 3:22
“וְלָקַח גַּם מֵעֵץ הַחַיִּים, וְאָכַל, וָחַי לְעֹלָם. ”
“…and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever”

When our actions are in truth and purity, we are able to take from the Tree of Life and live forever. In this case, it is the aspect of meriting the resurrection and continuation of the soul.

Immortality in the world of Malchut can be true ONLY after Mashiach is revealed and all negativity is removed from earth by the hands of YHVH. To achieve that, we need a collective effort in bringing more people to the truth and light of the Zohar. It shines in our life and as individuals we may merit Final Redemption. But to bring Immortality in our life time, we need to bring Mashiach first. Immortality is part of the Tree of Life and it can not be revealed when negativity is still around.