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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -957
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 62

The eyes are at the level of Chokmah and as such, conceal many aspects of the soul’s upper levels.
The roundness of the eye is the aspect of the letter Y (Chokmah) of the YHVH name. The length of the eye is the aspect of the letter V (Zeir Anpin) of the name. The upper eyelid is for the upper H (Binah) and the lower eyelid is for the lower H (Malchut) of the name.

The colors of the eyes have the aspects of the lower seven Sefirot and the seven major planets of the solar system.

White – Chessed – Moon
Red – Gevurah – Mars
Green – Tiferet – Sun
Black – Yessod – Saturn
Blue – Malchut – Jupiter
The eye lids are for Netzach and Hod, Venus and Mercury.

Studying the Sefirot and the planets give us another dimension in understanding the ‘story’ that the eyes can tell.
We should always remember that on all levels there is the aspect of pure and impure.