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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -983
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 88

Thin beard with little hair indicates a wise man with a sharp mind.
Thick and full beard indicates a naive person that can be fooled easily.
Little hair on the face and around the mouth indicates a smart man but doesn’t have inner balance. They use their smartness in negative ways and cheat others.
People with normal and proportionally dense beard are from the central column.
Those who don’t have beard on their face have tendency toward sadness or falling into negative emotional state because they can’t hold much light.

The hair of the beard represents the connection to Arich Anpin, which is one of the heads of Keter together with Atik Yomin.
The 13 attributes of God comes from Arich Anpin and brings wisdom and mercy to all the worlds below.
It is beneficiary for a man to grow beard to be able to connect and channel this high light.

There is a story about the Baba Sali (Rabbi Israel Abu-Chatzeira), a great kabbalist from previous generation. He taught his students the benefits of growing beards and they followed their master. After a while one of them came without a beard. To the question of “what happened?” he replied “My wife forced me to shave it”. The Baba Sali told his student to go back to his wife and tell her that if she doesn’t let him grow a beard, she will grow one herself.
Knowing Baba Sali’s powers, she made sure her husband grew back his beard and kept it on.

If one has major issues with growing beard I suggest not shaving with sharp blades because placing blades directly on the face brings aspects judgments. Better use trimmers of some kind.

Baba Sali never cut his beard and used his eyes for holy purposes. He was known for making many miracles. His real name was Rabbi Israel Abu Chatzeira but people called him Baba Sali that means the praying father because he was praying for others and his prayers were usually answered. He was the one that opened the Synagogue of the Holy Ari In Saffad to the people. Before that, all attempts to use synagogue brought harms and even death to the people. He made special meditation and balanced the energy in that place.

Because the head is a complete ‘face’ that includes all the Ten Sefirot,iIt makes it a spiritual device that connects us to the spiritual realm. Keeping all the 7 openings of eyes(2), ears(2), nose(2) and mouth for holy purposes will guarantee us great abilities to use inner Chokmah (left brain) and Binah (right brain) as tools to draw light from Keter, to Da’at and the world below.

Women don’t have and should not grow facial hair because they are vessels and their focus should be on building bigger desires to draw light to the world and manifest it.