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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -986
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 92

The Zohar tells us that there are male souls that go into female bodies and female souls that go into male bodies. This situation happens when the connection between the man and woman are not pure or their consciousness at the time of the intercourse and the transfer of seeds was not into the unification with each other or had negative thoughts.
In some cases a different type of soul comes to a couple for their correction regardless of the consciousness they had in their unification especially if they didn’t plan to have a child.
When man and woman come together they connect Chokmah and Binah and activate the Sefirah of Da’at. This creates arousal of the desires for the self and draws light force down the spine to the testicles. In that stage, the consciousness and the desires transform into matter and the ‘arrows’ (as the Zohar defines it) shoot out to hit the target.

The Initial consciousness of the male and female determines the type of light they draw and it could be positive or negative. The desire for the self transforms the light and consciousness to the physical DNA and determines the type of soul that will come to the vessel.

A married couple should prepare themselves for a long time before coming together to create new life. At the time of the act they should be in total darkness to avoid physical lust and have only pure love to each other with consciousness that focuses on drawing a high soul to the child. They should forget about their own pleasure so the light will come to the child without taking it for themselves.

Planning a child is one of the most highest spiritual connections because it connects the three upper sefirot of Chokmah Binah and Da’at to create life which is the ultimate affinity with the light.

We should never judge parents or their children for who or what they are.
Remember that God created rich and poor, wise and foolish, pure and evil. Everyone and everything is part of the final tikkun of the individual’s and the world.