On the coming Shabbat, we will read the Torah portion named Vayechi. It is the last portion of Genesis that is the aspect of Keter of the Torah.

Keter = Genesis
Chokmah = Exodus
Binah = Leviticus
Zeir Anpin = Numbers
Malchut = Deuteronomy.

The five books are the aspect of the hand of God and the story of the past, present, and future of Creation.

In the portion of Vayechi Jacob gives the blessings to the twelve sons and tells them their (our) future in a concealed way. It is important for us to prepare our vessels this week for the great event on Shabbat. I strongly recommend participating in Shabbat services and listening to the reading of the Torah on this Shabbat. Keep your vessel pure, act with kindness and sharing to maximize on receiving the many blessings of Vayechi. The twelve sons are the aspects of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and their blessings give us control over our own Tikkun. The parashah conceals names of angels that can give us great protection and success in our lives.

Below are more resources for the study of Vayechi. The more you study, the better you will be prepared.

Zohar Vayechi- complete Hebrew translation, PDF versionץ This new edition by Daily Zohar projects should be very exciting for Hebrew readers. Many thanks for the supporters of the Daily Zohar that share the merit. The complete text will be available online when we finish with all the portions of the Zohar.

Original Zohar text in Aramaic
Zohar Vayechi – Aramaic, PDF version
English resources for Vayechi
http://rabbishimon.com/?p=729 Commentary by Zion Nefesh
http://www.chabad.org/parshah/default_cdo/aid/15558/jewish/Vayechi.htm Chabad
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaychi Good description of the parashah

Hebrew resources for Vayechi עברית
רבי יוחנן באנון זצ”ל על פרשת ויחי לפי הזוהר
פרשת ויחי עם תרגום
מודעות – דוד אגמון

YouTube videos on Vayechi (Hebrew only)
There are many more but I picked few with Kabbalistic views

הרב ניסים פרץ זצ”ל

הרה”ג בניהו שמואלי שליט”א

הרב בן ציון מוצפי

הרב סיני

שאול יודקביץ

Rabbi Ginzburg