The first spark is a meditation for protection.
There are many negative forces spread all over the world. Plagues and corrupt governments limit our personal freedom and freedom to worship Hashem. This meditation is taken from Genesis 49:18 when Jacob turns to God and says the word above “I wait for Your salvation, YHVH.” “LeYeshuatcha Kiviti Adonai” (This is a complete Torah verse and it’s okay to say ‘Adonai’.). Jacob knew that his salvation can come only from Hashem, YHVH.
Scan/read each line and meditate that you are surrounded by the YHVH name from all sides (Like inside a cube).
Save the image to your local device and reuse it when needed. Remember that this is not Hokus Pokus and a person needs to have a pure and positive vessel to have this Light close to him. Impurities and negative actions deter the Light from coming close to a flawed vessel. B”H as this first spark is released all over the world, a great Light would reveal to protect all of us and gives us the merit to continue spreading Zohar teaching and elevate more sparks of Light.

This meditation is good before going to sleep to protect the soul in its ascendance to
With Love to all,