For the honor of Shabbat Vayechi
This Shabbat, we read the twelfth and last Parsha of Genesis, Vayechi. It has the aspect of Malchut of Keter. Vayechi is the shortest in Genesis, but it conceals a great Light.
Because we are the children of Israel, Jacob, we read and connect to the blessings we receive at the root of our souls.
When a Tzadik leaves the world, the Light he reveals in the world stays in this world. We read about the death of Jacob and Joseph. It strengthens our connection to Yessod and Tiferet, the center column.
From Vayechi, we picked the first spark for protection.
The protection from the evil eye comes from the blessing of Jacob to Joseph (Initials of Genesis 49:22
You can download a PDF of the Vayechi from the DZ website, right sidebar.
Shabbat Shalom.