Question. “Zion. I understand from this article* that reading the Zohar from beginning to end is what the Rabbis felt and wrote down. Does this mean that if we do the same and are careful towards our own sensations, we will also feel what is written in the Zohar by them? I mean, is the Zohar a sort of book of guidance from beginning to end of what we also may go through? Thank you, Francesco.”

* The article in reference is: Daily Zohar # 3880 – Vayakhel – Peace shall enter


Thank you for an excellent question!

“what the Rabbis felt and wrote down.”
The Torah is the ‘well’ that the Zohar draws “waters of life” from it. They dig into the Torah and Bible verses and reveal the spiritual system’s secrets that are the aspect of ‘Waters of Life.’ Because Rabbi Shimon and the rabbis of the Zohar were on very high spiritual levels, we cannot see what they could see and know until they tell us what they ‘dug’ out of the well. Their revelations are not ‘feeling’ but actual views of the system. Many Zohar paragraphs start with “Come and see,” inviting us to see what they drew from the ‘well.’
The Torah is the guide, and the Zohar reveals the spiritual forces activated when we follow the Torah.
Reading the sacred text of the Torah, Zohar, and other writings of Tzadikim connects us to the Light in the writings. It surrounds us at a potential level until our vessel is ready for the Light to move from the outside inside and expand our vessel. The Holy Ari was repeating his studies of the Zohar many times with fasting to disconnect from this world and be able to understand the deeper secrets of the Zohar. To reveal the ‘Diamond’ of the soul, we need to break the rock that surrounds it and then polish it with a strong force to show its magnificent Light.
When connecting to the Light on the Malchut level, we can start feeling different, but feeling raises emotions that attract the negative side. Emotion is a volatile state of the soul, and the danger is that the evil inclination may disconnect us from the Light we made the connection to.
When we read from beginning to end in the sequence, we gather the complete Light in the sacred text. We can see and get more from it with strong will and time to increase our inner Light.
Put this on your ‘flag’; Never give up, never give in, do good, and avoid evil.