Lag B’Omer
The Hilulah of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
On the 18th day of the month of Iyar, which is the 33rd day of the Omer, we reach the level of Hod of Hod. It is a state of the vessel at its full desire to receive the light.
Lag B’Omer is considered a wedding between the light and the vessel. Rabbi Shimon at the moment of his passing to the upper world created a spiritual opening that is like a cosmic event which appears every year on that day.
How to connect
On the night of the 33rd Day (begins on Wednesday night May 22nd (After sundown), ends at sundown May 23rd. We light two candles, one for Rabbi Shimon and one for Rabbi Yitzchak. You may light a virtual candle on the Tzadikim and or Unity Zohar free apps or ,
Rabbi Itzchak received an extension of life and protection from the angel of death by the merit and words of Rabbi Shimon. Connecting to his soul enhances our connection to Rabbi Shimon to have the same spiritual protection.
When lighting a candle for Rabbi Shimon say “For the honor of the Holy Candle, Sinai, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, may his merits protect us all”. Read/Scan Zohar after lighting the candle, preferably from the Idra Zuta. Links to text and audio recording below.
If you celebrate with a group, be joyous and don’t forget that the main purpose on this day is to connect to Rabbi Shimon with the Zohar, not gossip and mundane chats.
I learn from Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi that when we light candles for Tzadikim, we DO NOT say for the soul elevation of …, we say “for the honor of …” “לכבוד הצדיק…”. Tzadikim are already elevated and don’t need our support for soul elevation, especially with great and well known Tzadikim. They are honored and happy when we connect to them with the candle and study from their teachings and or from the Zohar.
Reading Recommendations
Most important Zohar reading on Lag B’Omer is the Idra Zuta. It is directly connected to this day because Idra Zuta reveals the last secrets that Rabbi Shimon taught before leaving this world.
Text of the Idra Zuta with commentary:
The complete recording of the Idra Zuta on (one playlist)
The complete audio recording of the Idra Zuta on
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Read, listen, and study the Idra Zuta. Visit the other links on the page to make a higher spiritual connection to the light of Rabbi Shimon and the wisdom of the Zohar. You can make personal prayers with an open book of the Zohar (or on the screen at and ask for the support of Rabbi Shimon to elevate your prayers.
Idra Zuta book for Hebrew readers:
Idra Zuta – español. Traducion por Daniel Schulman
Lag B’Omer – The day Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai left the world
Lag Baomer – El día de Rabí Shimón Bar Iojai dejó el mundo Traducion al español por Sebastian Palen
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Every Lag B’Omer, hundreds of thousands of people go to mount Meron where Rabbi Shimon’s site is, to connect to that energy with singing and dancing. (See video below)

Lag B’Omer is a special day for the Daily Zohar.

This year we celebrate 10 years

since we launched the site with Daily Zohar #1 and now we are beyond #3000.
On the first evening of the Daily Zohar, after the counting of the 33rd day of the Omer, I checked the site statistics and found out that there were 137 subscribers (Numerically Kabbalah), For me it was a clear message from Rabbi Shimon and the Light to continue with the vision that made me start the site to provide daily study of Zohar free for all.
As we continue with the beyond the tenth year of Daily studied, I humbly ask God to continue giving us wisdom and strength to continue sharing the studies and add more DZ projects and tools to help people connect greater to the Zohar and benefit their lives.
Lag B’omer is a perfect day to make donations to support the teaching of the Daily Zohar. Your giving has a direct connection to Rabbi Shimon. The Daily Zohar delivers pure Zohar teachings directly from the Zohar. We get help and understanding from the work of Rabbi Ashlag of blessed memory, Hasulam.  Tap here to contribute and be blessed for your generosity and love of the Zohar.
May the merits of Rabbi Shimon and the study of the Zohar protect us all and lead us to the Final Redemption in our times, Amen.
With unconditional love to all.
Watch the video to see many people from different schools come together dancing with joy on that night with one unifying love to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Visit to Rabbi Shimon site on Mount Meron