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How to maximize your connection on Shabbat Pinchas

Thousands of students of the DailyZohar benefit greatly from the daily study of Zohar Pinchas. We are now coming to the Shabbat when we read the portion of Pinchas and it is significant because it gives us greater opportunity to connect to the Immortal Priest. To expand your vessel and enhance your connection to the Torah reading on Shabbat I recommend reading “Between Heaven and Earth: Revealing the Secrets of Pinchas (click/touch here)

Thanks to YYE from the UK for posting a link to this article on Facebook, reminding me to send this message.

Share the link with your friends and become a ‘trusted channel‘ for the Light and energy of Pinchas. The Daily Zohar is such a channel and you can share any outside link to the study of Pinchas or the Zohar. We respect and appreciate them all.

With love to all and blessing for a wonderful and elevated Shabbat,

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Torah Reading – Vayeshev

Download Torah portion of Vayeshev – וישב


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