Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -107.

Tikkun #6 – continue

The two times the Holy Temple destroyed is against Binah and Malchut and the Holy one Bless be He, is like a wondering man without a place to dwell. The verse in Proverb 27:8 is revealing this state “Like a bird wondering out of her nest, so is a man…”

God, the system, is merciful because he is not stopping us from doing negative actions; he doesn’t stop the killer from killing because he gave us the power to use as we wish. When we have great connection to the Light with the tool of the High Priest, Kohen Gadol, then we can enjoy the Holy Temple and peace on earth, when we give power to negativity, which is selfishness, and concentrating on materials, we bring destruction on ourselves and the whole world.
If you are connected to deep Torah study and Kabbalah you reveal great light that help remove negativity that was done by others. We should set our consciousness right in every action we do.