Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -124.

Tikkun #9

בראשית is ירא שבת, Awe of Shabbat, ש for שמים, heavens. Awe and fear of heavens from disconnecting from Shabbat, which is the Shechina and Malchut.

It said in Exodus 31:14 “Everyone who defiles it surely will die…”. When the Torah says “Surely will die” like it God said to Adam when warning him from eating the fruit from the Tree of knowledge.

This means that the cause of connection to the bad or disconnecting from the good is a cause that the effect will bring death. This death is when the flow of light is interrupted or disconnected. No light equal no life.
Closing the only window to the light in a room will bring immediate darkness.

The Zohar says here that because of the disconnection a dark space was created that the enemies used to come into the Holy of Holies of the Temple.

Because the enemies were also part of the disconnection of light to the world then they also experience death.
History tells us that all nations, empires and conquerors that came and desecrated the temple in Jerusalem, shrunken or vanished from existence.

This principal works from day six of creation until the time (by the end of the six millennium) that we will have all days like Shabbat.

Keep connection with the highest light you can achieve in your life. It will be good for your soul in this life and or next life. Your body in this life time is only a tool for the soul to achieve higher levels. Keep the body healthy and in shape like a good slave that will work for the soul. NOT the other way around.