Daily Zohar 3216

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3216
Hebrew translation:

81. בֹּא רְאֵה כַּמָּה גָרְמָה לוֹ אוֹתָהּ אַהֲבָה שֶׁאָהַב אוֹתוֹ יוֹתֵר, שֶׁגָּרַם לוֹ שֶׁהָגְלָה מֵאָבִיו, וְגָלָה אָבִיו עִמּוֹ, וְגָרַם לָהֶם גָּלוּת וְלַשְּׁכִינָה שֶׁגָּלְתָה בֵּינֵיהֶם, וְאַף עַל פִּי שֶׁנִּגְזְרָה הַגְּזֵרָה, וּבֵאֲרוּהוּ שֶׁבִּשְׁבִיל כְּתֹנֶת הַפַּסִּים שֶׁעָשָׂה לוֹ יוֹתֵר, מַה כָּתוּב? וַיִּרְאוּ אֶחָיו.
82. וַיַּחֲלֹם יוֹסֵף חֲלוֹם וְגוֹ’. רַבִּי חִיָּיא פָּתַח וְאָמַר, (במדבר יב) וַיֹּאמֶר שִׁמְעוּ נָא דְּבָרָי אִם יִהְיֶה נְבִיאֲכֶם ה’ בַּמַּרְאָה אֵלָיו אֶתְוַדָּע בַּחֲלוֹם אֲדַבֶּר בּוֹ. בֹּא רְאֵה כַּמָּה דְרָגוֹת לִדְרָגוֹת עָשָׂה הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא, כֻּלָּם עוֹמְדִים זֶה עַל זֶה, דַּרְגָּה עַל דַּרְגָּה, זוֹ לְמַעְלָה מִזּוֹ, וְכֻלָּן יוֹנְקוֹת אֵלּוּ מֵאֵלּוּ כָּרָאוּי לָהֶם, אֵלּוּ מִיָּמִין וְאֵלּוּ מִשְּׂמֹאל, וְכֻלָּם מְמֻנּוֹת אֵלּוּ עַל אֵלּוּ הַכֹּל כָּרָאוּי.

Zohar Vayeshev

Genesis 37:3,4
“וְיִשְׂרָאֵל אָהַב אֶת יוֹסֵף מִכָּל בָּנָיו כִּי בֶן זְקֻנִים הוּא לוֹ וְעָשָׂה לוֹ כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים.”
“וַיִּרְאוּ אֶחָיו כִּי אֹתוֹ אָהַב אֲבִיהֶם מִכָּל אֶחָיו וַיִּשְׂנְאוּ אֹתוֹ וְלֹא יָכְלוּ דַּבְּרוֹ לְשָׁלֹם.”
“Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his sons because he was the son of his old age, and he made him a varicolored tunic.”
“His brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms.”
Jacob’s love for Joseph and the brothers hated him when they saw that their father “made him a varicolored tunic”. This love and the brother’s hate brought on them the exile in Egypt. Joseph was the first to be in Egypt far away from his father. Later, Jacob and all the children joined him.
God revealed to Abraham in the covenant of the halves (Genesis 15:7-21) that his descendants would go into exile. The cause of it revealed here with the judgment caused by Jacob’s love for Joseph that brought about the hate of the brothers and the events that followed.

Genesis 37:5
“וַיַּחֲלֹם יוֹסֵף חֲלוֹם וַיַּגֵּד לְאֶחָיו וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ.”
“Then Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more.”
Numbers 12:6
“וַיֹּאמֶר שִׁמְעוּ נָא דְבָרָי אִם יִהְיֶה נְבִיאֲכֶם יְהוָה בַּמַּרְאָה אֵלָיו אֶתְוַדָּע בַּחֲלוֹם אֲדַבֶּר בּוֹ.”
“He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, YHVH, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream.”
Rabbi Chiya explains that the Holy One Blessed be He made many spiritual levels. They stand one above the other and receive from the appropriate level. Some receive from the Right, and some from the Left. Each according to its level and its vessel. The dream comes to a person from his level.

Jacob was the center column, Tiferet, and he knew that Joseph would be the chariot of Yessod that is a continuation of Tiferet and the funnel of the Light to Malchut. To protect him, Jacob made for Joseph a special garment of protection. When the brothers saw it, they understood that Joseph is on a different level than them and hated him.
DIfferences between people are a common cause for hate but when we trust God and accept the difference, we can be certain that there is a reason for that and the final outcome is positive.

Later in this portion (#102), the Zohar reveals that God made this plot to follow the decree that he made with Abraham in the covenant of the halves. (Genesis 15:13) “God said to Abram, “Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years.”

The Zohar teaches us in this study that God fulfills his words and will arrange all the events needed to lead to a certain outcome.
Whatever happens to us is based on the level we achieve. The higher we go, the greater the ‘plot’ and the challenges we experience to stay on that level and go higher.

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