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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -978
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 83

The precepts that relate to the action of walking, like walking to the temple, walking after the dead to the cemetery or walking to a circumcision ceremony is the aspect of Malchut. The circumcision itself is at the level of Yessod, but the action of walking to the event is in Malchut.

There are precepts that related to more than one body part or action. Wearing Tefilin connects the head and the left hand. The Talit (prayer shawl) connects the shoulders. Praying connects the mouth with the heart and mind. Blowing the Shofar connects the lungs and mouth. The smelling of the myrtle or fragrance during the Havdalah after Shabbat connects the nose. There are also precepts that connect the eyes and all other body parts to the light.

Every move we make, every breath we take, every thing that we see, speak, hear or smell becomes part of our soul. Everything becomes ‘visible’ on the ‘canvas’ (read previous Daily Zohar #977). So now, after we study this part of the Zohar, a question arises “How do you paint your soul?”