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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -991

Tikkun 70 – 96

The Zohar tells us that the pupils of the eyes are black and they reflect all the ‘colors’ and shapes on a person’s face. These aspects are coming from the concealed thoughts of the head, which is Chokmah, Wisdom. The eyes connect the soul to Malchut. When the eyes are closed they connect to the inner thoughts and visions and when open, they connect and communicate with the ‘outside’ world.

The Nikkud (vowel) of Keter is Kamatz. It is constructed from a line that is ו Vav and a י Yod that is the dot under the line.

Open eye get the shape of ה H that is a line over Yod. A closed eye is the aspect of the upper ה of Binah that is concealed.

The Zohar here, teaches us that the name YHVH is reflected in the eye as we saw above.
In the story of Creation the word אור, ‘Light’ is mentioned 5 times. And five times YHVH (26) = 130 which is the numerical value of ‘eye’ עין, and also 10 times אהבה, ‘Love’.

If we want to connect our eyes to the Light we should meditate on 5 YHVH in each eye. One YHVH on right of the eye, one on Left, one up, one down and one YHVH in the middle.