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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -985
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 90

The Klipah has male and female aspects that work together to disconnect us from the light.
The Snake is the male of the Klipah and the aspect of the evil inclination whose color is black and has no legs. His skin has spots and shades of different colors to confuse and seduce the people sin.
If one finds the power to cancel the influence of the Klipah he reaches a level that is higher than a person that never sinned in his life.
The male of the Klipah can ‘recruit’ all the negative external forces to the task of challenging people to distract them from the ways of the Light.
The female of the Klipah is responsible to execute the judgment that comes after falling to the hand of the male Klipah. She has no mercy and the Zohar says that even the pure and holy forces are ‘shaken’ away when the female klipah is given the permission to execute judgment.

Our best effort should be to ignore the temptations that come from the male side of the Klipah because when the judgment arises, the female Klipah will execute it without mercy.