We read the Megila (Scroll of Esther) on Thursday night 2/25/2021 and on Friday morning (2/26/2021).
For those who are unable to join a community for the reading, I bring here a few options.

The Daily Zohar received from the Brandwein family the recording of the megillah reading by Rabbi Avraham Brandwein ZT”L, son of Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, ZT”L.
Please share this link to this page with your friends. The different PDFs are free to download, print. and share with anyone, no limits.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Scroll of Esther. Share freely.
scroll of Esther – Hebrew-English
scroll of Esther – Hebrew-Espanol
scroll of Esther – Hebrew-Portuguese
scroll of Esther – Hebrew

Happy Purim to all.

Reading of the Megilah with the blessings by Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi שליט”א (Jerusalem)

Reading of the Megilah by Maran Rabbi Obadia Yosef ZT”L (Jerusalem)

Reading of the Megilah by Rav Benayahu Shemueli Shlita with Kabbalistic meditation (Jerusalem)