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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -959
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 64

The colors of the face have the aspects of the YHVH name.
Y – White – Right – Chessed
H – Red – Left – Gevurah
V – Green – Central – Tiferet
H – Black – Malchut. Because it doesn’t have light of its own and it takes all the Sefirot /colors above.

There are aspects where Yessod is represented by the Black color and Malchut gets the Blue.

A face that radiates white light has the aspect of Chessed. If the white looks like lead color then it reveals impurities and negative aspects in that person.
When the radiating light is red then the pure aspect indicates desire and connection to the light. The impure aspect is earthly desires for the self alone.
Green for face represents clinging to truth and the opposite is for liars and manipulative people.

Black represents strong energy in Malchut. The positive aspect is connection to the Shechina, the negative aspect is connection to the dark side of life, bitterness, laziness and heaviness. People with lack energy, look for ‘short cuts’ and avoid hard work.

When looking on people’s face, look beyond the physical features. For most people reading the PFR study on the Daily Zohar is confusing. It is not a simple guide for proper interpretation. A person’s character and Tikkun process is written on his face as it comes from previous lives and not like a live TV screen.

True colors can be seen only when we cast light on the object. It is the same with people. We should send light (with pure thought) from our eyes to the person. This will increase our ability to see the truth with our inner eyes, Chokmah and Binah. Without that we are color blind.